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When I first started acting in movies in the 1970s, I got paid GH₵20 Fred Amugi


In an interview with JoyPrime, veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Nii Amugi said that in the 1970s, when he was just starting out as an actor, he was paid as little as GH₵20 for a movie role.

The actor cited his love of performing and his will to succeed in the business as reasons for accepting his low salary.

“As a performer, the least sum I have ever received is GH₵20, which I received from GBC radio theatre,” he declared.

He was driven more by passion than money as a beginner. “We, the so-called novices in these matters, were engaged in it out of enthusiasm. It makes me very happy to see someone happy because they enjoyed my performance, and it was fulfilling to know that the audience like what I performed.

Known for his famous performances, Uncle Fred offered insights into his career, emphasized the importance of directors, and urged aspiring actors to cherish each job that they are given without reservation.


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