Home Technology Whatsapp users now have access to a new pin message function.

Whatsapp users now have access to a new pin message function.


A new feature that WhatsApp has unveiled will make it simple to locate crucial messages: Messages that are pinned.

Users everywhere may now begin to experience this new feature, which is compatible with both solo and collaborative discussions.

WhatsApp users may now pin a message to the top of the window during a chat, which is exactly what Telegram already does. Nevertheless, only one message can be pinned simultaneously.

Any kind of message, comprising text, polls, emoticons, places, and photos, can be pinned by users.

Apps for instant messaging have become more and more popular over the past few years, and users of WhatsApp, owned by Meta, have been requesting the addition of Telegram-like features for quite some time.

One message can only be pinned at a time on WhatsApp, in contrast to numerous messages being pinned in a chat on Telegram.

If you are visiting a friend for the first time, this is very helpful since they may easily provide you with their address by pinning it on the chat window.

Various details about an occasion or a location to obtain guidelines or essential data may be relevant to groups.

According to the company, group administrators have the option to determine whether a message can be pinned by only admins or by any member.

How to mark messages as pinned in WhatsApp

First, launch WhatsApp and select Chat.

Secondly, The user simply needs to long press on a message and choose “Pin” from the context menu in order to “Pin” it.

The choice of whether to pin the message for twenty-four hours, a week, or a month will then be presented to you via a graphic.

Kindly note that the default option is seven days. Admins can decide whether a message in a group chat is pinnable by all participants or only by them


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