Home Entertainment The late singer’s father as being sued -Mohbad’s management.

The late singer’s father as being sued -Mohbad’s management.


Using a ₦200 million defamation action, or $224,456, the management of late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known by his stage name Mohbad, has attacked his father.

According to a previous story, Mohbad’s father disclosed to TVC in an interview that his late son left behind an unsigned will that was only based on his thumbprint.

However, Mohbad’s administration denied the accusation, characterizing the purported will as extraordinary and fictitious.

Mohbad’s father was required to recant what the lawsuit, which was signed by Mohbad’s management attorney, Bankole Falade, called “slanderous” remarks and issue an apology to everyone.

In addition, there was a requirement that the retraction be posted for three days straight on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

A letter of apology to be published on Instagram and in the Punch newspaper within 14 days was also required by the management from Mr. Aloba.

The management states that noncompliance will result in legal action being taken to obtain restitution.

A portion of the lawsuit stated, “You are to publish the same unqualified apology within 14 days of this letter with payment of N200,000,000 (Two hundred Million Naira) through this honorable chambers (Bankole Falade & Co) within the set period.”

The organization’s leadership made it clear that no one from Mohbad’s team or his attorney had mentioned that there was a will or any document with a thumb print.

In addition to telling the public not to spread false and misleading information, they denied the claim to be true and advised the family of the dead not to trust it.

The singer’s management added that a “Post No Debit order” was put in place on all of his accounts on September 12, 2023, and that it is still in force for all of them.

The administration added that after the internal disagreement was settled, the accounts would be given to the family.

Following Mohbad’s father’s admission that he had discovered his son’s will, this declaration was made.

Shaken, Mr. Aloba said, “It’s unbelievable,”

“People like Mohbad would never consider thumbprinting with his hand,” he stated. He will sign in place of it. His death meant they would have to bring in an attorney to handle the internal math.


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