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Tema23: See The Video Of The Moment S3fa Asked To Her CrushDuring Their Performance And She Shocked Sarkodie


The legendary rapper Sarkodie of Ghana demonstrated during the most recent “This Is Tema” event, which took place in Chemu Park in Tema Community 7, that he is not only a master of rhymes but also an expert at dodging unpleasant shocks.

One of the night’s highlights from the wildly popular event was the hilarious interaction between Sarkodie and the gifted singer S3fa.

S3fa chose to inject a little spontaneity as the pair was finishing up their collaborative performance of the smash song “Fever,” which had already captured the attention of the crowd.

When the song reached the part where “nyash” was mentioned, the singer pivoted and boldly offered Sarkodie her behind. Sarkodie appeared taken aback by the sudden gesture.

Right before S3fa


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