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Side Chick Deborah Seyram, You Can Only Shut Me Up With Money And Not Insults.


Deborah Seyram Adablah is still speaking after the Accra High Court dismissed her lawsuit against former Chief Financial Officer Ernest Kwasi Nimako. She has taken to her social media accounts to boldly respond to her detractors.

She boldly declared in the video she posted online that the taunts directed at her had no effect and challenged her critics to keep going, highlighting the fact that she could not be silenced by words.

Adablah said, “It would be impossible to stop her without using money to slap her mouth shut,” to much laughter.

Seemingly unaffected by the recent court verdict and the GH¢10,000 fine imposed against her, she placed a price tag on her silence, chucking out sums like GHC10,000 or GHC100,000.

“What’s amusing is how some say I’m nobody, but they spend their money on data just to talk about me,” she remarked.

She addressed the paradox of her perceived insignificance by challenging those who spent time and resources to talk about her life.

The proud “Side Chick” also revealed that her social media pages are managed by a team of three people, which indicates that she often remains shielded from the barrage of insults directed her way.


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