Home Entertainment Rating of the song “Otan” by Sarkodie: He rises above his critics.

Rating of the song “Otan” by Sarkodie: He rises above his critics.


An outpouring of intense feelings wrapped up in a far more realistic hate speech, all in the sobriety of a minor key! That’s a witty way to sum up Sarkodie’s most recent song, “Otan.”

Music fans are becoming excited about Otan, which was launched almost a week ago.

This is unquestionably one of Sarkodie’s most exquisite paintings of melody, harmony, and rhythmic African poetry. The song is full in terms of instruments, message, key selection, and delivery.

MOGBeatz appears to have developed a deep understanding of Sarkodie’s musical mission and his inner creative self. Sarkodie’s comforting delivery is evident every time he lays a rhythm for the ‘Highest’ rapper.

G Minor has a very noticeable key. Somber emotions respond particularly well to minor scales.

Once artists sing, I adore it. Many of them—Sarkodie among them—don’t have conventional voices, but when they sing, it usually makes the listener want more.

It is hardly unexpected that the “Landlord” would create such an inventive work in a time when the majority of hip hop artists are rapidly erasing the distinction between singing and rapping (by incorporating melodic elements into their raps).

Heavenly chorus

Let your angels cover me everyday

Cover me every night

Na otan hunu adooso

I’m on the top and I keep on winning

Higher we go

Highest we go dey.”


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