Home Entertainment Medikal makes unexpected disclosures on his marriage to Fella Makafui.

Medikal makes unexpected disclosures on his marriage to Fella Makafui.


Rapper Medikal from Ghana has revealed a number of unfavorable details on his union with businesswoman and actress Fella Makafui.

During their relationship, the rapper shared candid photos of themselves on Snapchat, discussing difficult problems in their marriage.

After the rapper publicly announced that he had split from his wife, Medikal and Fella’s marriage has been in the spotlight for a while. Since their marriage was the subject of multiple painful disclosures, the press and media have chronicled their relationship.

The incident that precipitated Medikal’s current outburst was that he said her baby mama had called the police on him for requesting her cousin to leave his house.

Because of their familial ties, the rapper—who also happens to share a child with Makafui—expressed his hesitation to go public, but he also said that the situation has gotten out of hand.

The rapper accused Fella Makafui of numerous physical assaults, including beating him multiple times in his East Legon home and striking his head with a coffee cup.

He said that her ex-wife’s reaction was caused by her suspicion that he was seeing another lady.

She once leaped over my wall and into my room while I was staying at Caterpillar Junction in East Legon, claiming to be suspicious that I was seeing someone else.

As my buddies and I were playing video games, she hurled the tea I was drinking at me, hit my head with the coffee cup, and broke my television and play station. I used to record on my laptop in my studio, but she also broke it. Medikal continued, “She repeatedly struck my head with a hanger.”

Despite all of this, the rapper claimed, he never took revenge and instead called the Lakeside police station to step in and remove Fella Makafui.

“I didn’t hit her; I was self-restrained.”

Fans of the two couples have expressed astonishment and surprise at Medikal’s shocking announcement, while some are worried for their safety.

Although there are unsubstantiated rumors that the actress has asked the authorities to look into her ex-husband, Fella Makafui has not yet addressed Medikal’s statement.


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