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Kuami Eugene: In his new song, “God Is Watching You,” he lashes out at former househelp Mary.


After his former househelp Mary granted an interview and revealed how he treated her, Ghanaian singer Kuami Eugene released his version of the well-known song Onyame Ehu Wo by veteran musician KK Kabobo.

When Kuami Eugene sung about God punishing those who betray and slander about others, he became very upset.

In whatever you’re doing, remember God is watching you. Remember, God is watching you if you are fond of embarrassing your fellow humans, spewing lies and backbiting them. God is watching you.

Consider it. God is watching you, so if you’re going to change, change. You pretend to love me, but your true feelings are hatred. For you, what didn’t I do? However, you’re constantly bringing up my name. Telling falsehoods about me. Parts of the lyrics said, “What you are doing is one of the things God hates the most.”

Mary was the topic of conversation; he refused to call her a maid or housekeeper. Instead, he referred to her as his assistant with warmth, and this choice greatly impressed many Ghanaians.


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