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I run a food and apparel business to support my opulent lifestyle – Salma Mumin.


Salma Mumin, an actress and entrepreneur from Ghana, has opened up about her opulent lifestyle and how it has contributed to the success of her clothing and food businesses.

In an interview with TV celebrity Deloris Frimpong Manso for the Delay Show that hasn’t yet aired, she disclosed this.

Salma, who is well-known for her grace and opulent flair, referred to herself as a “slay queen” with pride during the interview, showcasing her appreciation of better things in life.

She claims that the phrase “slay queen” has been redefined to refer to women who trade an opulent lifestyle for an affair with a man.

According to her, the phrase was formerly used to describe “people with a keen sense of fashion.”

Salma said, “I can say I love a good life, which makes me a slay queen.” “We used to nickname those who could dress well “slay queens” when it first started. It has suddenly changed to refer to those who are girls who go on “rounds.” So I have to make sure I look well,” she said to Delay.

Salma denied accusations that she had to engage in promiscuous behavior with men in order to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

Instead, she insisted that her ability to lead a luxurious lifestyle is a result of her laborious efforts.

“I have worked my entire life without doing ’rounds,'” she stressed. “Despite having seen my work, some people choose not to think that it is what will bring me this life.”

She continued by disclosing that her opulent travels and way of life had been mostly funded by her apparel and culinary enterprises.

“Yes, my travels are sponsored by my food and clothing businesses,” she confirmed. “I firmly assert that my apparel and food businesses provided the majority of the funding for my way of life. I am an extremely attractive woman.

Salma opened talked about her distaste for men without stable finances and also credited the generosity of wealthy men for her success.

“I am fortunate to have someone who is giving in my life,” she continued. “I don’t even find rich people attractive.”


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