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How to Use Clarendon Fund Scholarships to Unlock Academic Excellence


The Clarendon Fund Scholarships are among the most prestigious and competitive scholarships available for graduate students at the University of Oxford. Established in 2000, these scholarships aim to support academically outstanding students from all around the world, allowing them to pursue their graduate studies at one of the world’s leading universities. This comprehensive scholarship not only covers tuition and college fees but also provides a generous grant for living expenses, ensuring that scholars can fully immerse themselves in their academic endeavors without financial concerns.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Clarendon Fund Scholarships are open to all applicants for graduate study at the University of Oxford, regardless of nationality or discipline. The primary criterion for selection is academic excellence. This includes a strong academic record, outstanding references, and a well-articulated research proposal or statement of purpose. The selection process is rigorous, aiming to identify individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements and have the potential to contribute significantly to their field of study.

Applicants are automatically considered for the Clarendon Fund when they apply for a graduate course at Oxford. There is no separate application process for the scholarship, which simplifies the procedure for prospective students. This integrated approach ensures that all eligible candidates are evaluated fairly and thoroughly.

Financial Coverage

One of the most attractive aspects of the Clarendon Fund Scholarships is their comprehensive financial support. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and college fees, which can be substantial, especially for international students. Additionally, scholars receive an annual grant for living expenses. For the 2023-24 academic year, this grant was at least £15,609, providing sufficient funds to cover accommodation, food, books, and other necessities. This level of support allows scholars to focus entirely on their studies without the distraction of financial worries.

Community and Networking

Being a Clarendon Scholar is not just about financial support; it also means becoming part of a vibrant and diverse community of scholars. Clarendon Scholars come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, fostering an interdisciplinary environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. The Clarendon Scholars’ Association organizes various social and academic events throughout the year, providing opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and personal development.

Impact and Opportunities

The impact of the Clarendon Fund Scholarships extends beyond the duration of the scholarship. Clarendon Scholars often go on to achieve significant success in their respective fields, becoming leaders in academia, industry, government, and beyond. The scholarship opens doors to unparalleled opportunities, including access to Oxford’s extensive resources, mentorship from leading academics, and a global alumni network.



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