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few useful sex advices for men with tiny penises


It’s crucial to realize that being large does not guarantee that you will fulfill your partner. Stats show that 75.5% of women have trouble getting an orgasm, and that’s usually because their partners don’t know how to make them feel good during sex.

Women experience sex as an emotional as well as a bodily act. Think about the following advice to guarantee contentment regardless of any imperfections in your appearance

Be kind to her:

Be courteous and grateful to each other in your relationship, not only when you’re in bed. A spouse who is happy and comfortable with their life is more likely to be emotionally receptive to discussing romance with you.

According to research, men who are smaller in stature tend to have more stable and satisfying relationships because they try to put their partner’s satisfaction first.

Put skill before brawn:

Recognize that size isn’t always the problem. It is possible to fall short of providing pleasure even with a larger size. The most important thing is to make the most of what you have, with a focus on technique, communication, and consideration for your partner’s requirements.

Always keep in mind that how skillfully you use something matters more than its size.

Put bedding to use:

Try raising her lower abdomen with pillows if you like missionary positions. Deeper penetration is facilitated by this small change, which can also improve the entire pleasure for both parties.

Spend money on sensuality:

Understand that the majority of women do not experience orgasms from sex alone. To set the stage for a satisfying sex encounter, take your time during seduction. The quality of closeness as a whole becomes more important than attachment size when done effectively.

Stay receptive to sexual goods:

Sexual items are instruments to augment your pleasure, not a substitute for your presence. Even a tiny vibrator can make a big difference in creating a more fulfilling encounter; you don’t need fancy gadgets.


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