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Efia Odo and Michy Face Off in a New Reality Show About Shatta Wale


The popular Ghanaian reality show GH Queens featured Efia Odo and Michy in its second season. Michy’s baby daddy, Shatta Wale, was the subject of a heated argument between the two women in the video. While many expressed excitement for the reality show’s second season, others discussed the rivalry between the women.

The focus of the feud between Efia Odo and Michy was Shatta Wale, the latter’s baby daddy.

Efia Odo made it clear in the GH Queens season two teaser that she is not on speaking terms with Michy and does not follow her on social media. She doubted Michy’s intelligence because the latter questioned why it was the case.

Michy expressed her desire to avoid getting into a furious dispute with Efia Odo. She said, “I do not want to lose my breath because you feel you are sleeping with my ex (Shatta Wale), so we should be rivals.” The two female Ghanaian celebrities were shown arguing in the teaser as Michy claimed that Efia Odo had an affair with Shatta Wale, the father of her kid Majesty, calling him a “leftover.”


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