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Dark Secretes about Abena Korkor revealed


Abena Korkor, a contentious media figure, has a close friend who has begged Ghanaians to be forgiving.

The young woman disclosed that she shared a dormitory and attended the same school as Abena Korkor.

She penned the following lengthy Facebook post:

I’ve known you for years, had 11 wonderful years as your roommate in college, and I’ve never publicly supported your behavior. However, it’s time that people see that beneath the controversy surrounding you, you’re a lovely, kind, introverted person who practices prayer.

I recall the early mornings when you would take a bath, read Otabil’s books, and then watch his teachings on YouTube. You were too organized; you planned your day in great detail and even assisted others, so your discipline set a higher bar for me. Unfortunately, the public’s attention has been drawn to your difficulties rather than your excellent characteristics.

It’s terrible that people with mental health issues are often stigmatized in our society. Mental health disorders are real. Even if some acts might seem implausible, the battle is genuine. The illness is more serious than is initially thought; a person may lose themselves, act out, and then regretfully return to sobriety. I really recommend “When Colors Fade” to everyone. In her sober state, Abena is an innocent, kind, and compassionate person who is dealing with difficulties.

She encounters criticism from others who doubt her struggle despite her best attempts. She becomes anxious about what she’s going through since, once again, there are those who ask, “Are you the only bipolar sufferer in Ghana? Abena, you’ll get better eventually. Persevere; your breakthrough is almost here. When I consider all the potential you have and how your disease has reduced those potentials to public ridicule, I sometimes feel depleted and upset.

I’ve seen your sincere attempts to get better with counseling, medicine, and prayer. In contrast to popular belief, God is the ultimate healer. Regardless of how intentional you believe their behavior to be, the situation is genuine and far more deadly than we realize. The illness kills life, happiness, dreams, and other things. I had the pleasure of living with one, but he has a tender memory. The only thing to do when this starts is to offend nobody else.In the neighborhood, he makes fun of everyone, even his biological parents.

This individual doesn’t use drugs! He even falls asleep after drinking, so when he wakes up, you guys are in trouble. Every patient has a unique ailment.
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