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Bola Ray gives George Andah of Abundant praise while discussing how he found him 25 years ago.


At the inauguration of Jaga 4 Bitters, which is owned by Dr. Christian Agyemang, the renowned manufacturer of Taabea Bitters and other pharmaceuticals, the legendary media personality Bola Ray entered the stage and recounted some nostalgic tales about when he first began his career in the media some 25 years ago.

The CEO of the EIB Group, Bola Ray, revealed that more than 25 years ago, when he was a student at the University of Ghana, George Andah saw his unfulfilled potential and chose to mentor him. Bola Ray expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Andah for being the impetus behind his rise to prominence in the media.

Looking back on those early years, Bola Ray said that George Andah actively mentored him by providing doors to important chances, rather than only seeing potential in him.

Bola Ray disclosed that Mr. Andah gave him his Guinness introduction and afterwards made it easier for him to enter the exciting world of MTN during these crucial times.
The award-winning media personality said that these experiences allowed him to become more well-known and taught him important lessons that have helped to build his successful professional path.


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