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Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles takes aim at trolls for her daughter’s Renaissance-style “White” appearance.


Using a platinum blonde wig to complement the metallic motif, Beyoncé hosted the premiere of Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé recently. Nevertheless, it seems that not everyone approved of Queen B’s appearance, as some accused

But it seems that not everyone liked how Queen B looked; some people even accused the singer of coloring her hair. Tina Knowles, B’s mother, responded angrily to the trolls who questioned her daughter’s appearance.

Beyoncé’s attire for the much awaited Renaissance: A Film debut Mixed responses were received by Beyoncé, so Tina Knowles decided to talk to the detractors. The singer’s photos from her debut sparked a stir when some on the internet assumed she was attempting to pass for white by whitening her skin (her platinum blonde hair didn’t help either. To the rescue, mama bear! It was Tina Knowles’ intention to tell trolls where to stop since she takes her babies very seriously.

The entrepreneur discovered that her daughter Beyoncé had been subjected to hostility following her Renaissance: A Film Beyoncé chose to take over on Instagram and release a new look. B had on a platinum blonde wig and a shimmering silver gown and gloves.

Even though B’s appearance astounded a lot of admirers, some were shocked and accused the singer of desiring to be white, pointing out her pale skin. Reminding the critics that her daughter was not the first or the last to wear a blonde wig, Tina urged them to cease doubting her African American identity:


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