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Beast of No Nation Star Striker Appearing Tired On Set With Ras Nene.


After spending time on Ras Nene’s set filming a sketch, Striker was shown in a video sitting on the floor and gasping for air. The crew urged Striker to continue and praised him for his dedication and hard work during the session. After overcoming numerous obstacles in his life, Striker has joined Ras Nene and his group to try to restart his life.

Actor Striker from Ghana, best known for Beast Of No Nation, was seen in a video on set with Ras Nene, looking quite worn out from the production.

He was sitting on the floor, panting profusely, demonstrating the enormous amount of work he had to put in to film a skit with the well-known comic. Strika received a plethora of praise from the staff, who acknowledged his dedication to his work. They praised his commitment and urged him to keep going on his path to both career and personal development. Many Ghanaians are pleased to see Striker on set because they believe that working with Ras Nene will be a turning moment in Striker’s life.


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