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Agya Koo Says,He showed Kyeiwaa the way to the Movie Industry


In an interview, Agya Koo disclosed that she introduced actress Kyeiwaa to the film industry. According to the actor, Kyeiwaa used to perform in Akan dramas, thus he chose to acquaint her with the Kumawood scene. He claimed that because Kyeiwaa used to frequent the area around his house, he introduced her to Mercy Asiedu, with whom she went on to co-star in numerous movies.

Agya Koo, a seasoned actor from Ghana, has shared the little-known tale of how he was instrumental in bringing actress Kyeiwaa to the attention of the Kumawood film industry.

Agya Koo remembered Kyeiwaa’s early days in the Akan drama scene. The actor remembered her extraordinary talent with fondness and acknowledged her potential. Agya Koo made the decision to highlight Kyeiwaa because she was determined to share this undiscovered treasure with the Kumawood audience.

Agya Koo revealed that Kyeiwaa used to live close by, which made it easier for them to communicate and talk about the possible move to Kumawood. He continued by saying that occasionally he would go to concerts where he performed live in a band alongside Kyeiwaa. Ghanaians: astonished


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