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7 reasons why the UK does not work with NHIS Cards

  1. Different Healthcare Systems: The UK and Nigeria have fundamentally different healthcare systems. The NHS provides healthcare services free at the point of use, funded through taxation, whereas the NHIS operates as a health insurance scheme, where individuals contribute to access healthcare services.
  2. Legal and Administrative Differences: The legal and administrative structures governing healthcare in each country differ significantly. The NHIS card is issued under Nigerian law and regulations specific to its healthcare system, while the NHS operates under its legislation and guidelines in the UK.
  3. International Agreements: There are no formal agreements or arrangements between Nigeria’s NHIS and the UK’s NHS for cross-border healthcare provision or recognition of insurance schemes. Each country manages its healthcare independently, and there is no reciprocity regarding insurance coverage or recognition of foreign health insurance cards.
  4. Coverage Limitations: NHIS cards are designed to provide coverage within Nigeria’s healthcare system, primarily for Nigerian citizens and residents. They do not extend to healthcare services provided outside the country, including in the UK. Conversely, the NHS does not require individuals to possess health insurance cards for access to care within the UK.
  5. Financial Considerations: The NHS is funded through taxation and provides healthcare services free at the point of use to residents and certain categories of visitors. Introducing a foreign health insurance scheme like NHIS would add complexity to the existing system and may not align with the principles of universal access and equitable healthcare provision upheld by the NHS.
  6. Administrative Burden: Recognizing and processing NHIS cards within the UK’s healthcare system would impose administrative burdens on NHS staff and infrastructure. It would require establishing mechanisms for verification, billing, and reimbursement, which could be resource-intensive and disrupt existing workflows.
  7. Quality Assurance: The NHS maintains rigorous standards for healthcare provision, including quality assurance and regulatory oversight. Integrating a foreign health insurance scheme would necessitate ensuring compliance with UK standards, which may pose logistical and regulatory challenges.



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